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Storm to the east


Fred Piek


Kleintje Folk Uit Amsterdam


Jumpdance Christmas All Over The World Crystal Veil

Below you'll find a overview of albums I featured on, the album covers can be enlarged just
by clicking them. Some of the albums contain some sample recordings you can start them by clicking the sample link on the end of the table.


Storm to the East

Piers Hayman & John Kuiper – CBS 8459 (produced by the late Lennaert Nijgh)



Fred Piek

Fred Piek – Artone 5001 (produced by Lennaert Nijgh)


Een Kleintje Folk uit Amsterdam

Amsterdam Folk Collective – Stemra SS 331;
with Bob Diehl (fiddle) and Wouter Kaal (banjo).

“Swinging around the circle / Greencastle” (hornpipes), “Twisting the hayrope (slow air) / Pipe on the hob / Repeal of the union” (double jigs)


Jump Dance

Terry Gordon & the Flanagans – Stemra FE 56;
duet with Rob  Neijenhuis (fiddle).
Tune: “Blarney pilgrim” (double jig)



Christmas all over the world

The Buffoons – Toprecords 141105


Crystal Veil

The Scholar – Stemra C 12446